Montag, 15. April 2013

Easy way how to make folkstep

Listening dubstep, or some bands that make such music, you want. Listening how the songs are build and how the bridges are made. How is the arc of suspence? You must have a red wire, but it's not stable, you can change it to other parts. Then you need special sounds to make bridges, but you can also record your sound by yourself. You need also sounds to gain your track, drumsounds for example. I record first my instrument track to a selfmade simple rythm. Then, I put another rythm in the song, a typical dubstep-rythm or selfmade rythm. And I change the rythms from typical drums to dubstep bass. The songs are not much longer than 3 minutes. You can also put lyrics in the songs, or spoken word. Have fun at making songs. Hear it so offen and play with the sounds, till you like the song and can hear  it with repeat.

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